Audio Production

Clear Blue Productions offers a full range of audio production services including: digital multi-tracking; nonlinear digital editing, mixing, post production, and audio for video. Take a look at each of these services below.

Audio Production


Digital Multi-tracking

Our facility houses a 32 track digital audio studio. We are using the industry standard ProTools software utilizing 24-bit/96KHZ recording technology. We have 18 simultaneous inputs and 32 tracks total. The application is running on a Macintosh dual processor 450MHZ G4. We have taken a special interest in obtaining a selection of mics that will capture the naturally beautiful tones of acoustic instruments. Our mic cabinet includes the following mics: Neuman KM184 (2), Neuman TLM103, Earthworks TC30K (2), AM62 Groove Tube, AT4033a, Royer R-122, AKG 414 (2).

Editing, Mixing, and Post Production

Using ProTools gives us complete creative control over the mixing and post production processes. Sample accurate editing, total mix automation, and a knowledge of acoustic music all add up to great sounding mixes.

Audio For Video

Our audio and video production processes work hand in hand. Voice overs and other audio for video needs are easily satisfied here at our studio. We specialize in instructional videos and video promos for acoustic bands.

Pricing and Other Information

All audio production is billed hourly. Our current hourly rate is $50. Please use the contact page if you would like more information about our services.

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