Video Production

We offer a full range of services for all your Boston video production needs, including: digital video filming, audio for video, nonlinear digital editing and post production, graphics creation, and compression/encoding for distribution.

Video Production

Digital Video

We use Digital SLR cameras shooting quality HD (1920×1080) footage. These cameras work well in low light situations and produce visually appealing footage. Whether you are need of a video introduction or advertisement for your business, an instructional video, or a video promo for your band, our video production services can meet your needs.

Music Videos

A good quality music video is a great promotional tool for your band. You can use it on your website, send it out to promoters, or even make an entire program of videos to sell. We can shoot, edit, and produce your video for a very reasonable price. Depending on the concept and locations required, a video can typically be shot in 1 or 2 days.

Audio For Video

With over 15 years experience producing studio quality audio, we can produce high quality audio tracks for your video. The audio can be tracked with the video or overdubbed at a later time depending on your project. For more information on our audio production capabilities please visit the Audio Production page.

Editing and Post Production

The editing process is the most involved and complicated aspect of video production. Using Final Cut Pro on the latest Macintosh computers the editing becomes quick and enjoyable. On screen graphics such as text, company logos, and other digital effects can also be developed for all your needs. The finished product can then be mastered to several different formats including DVD, or encoded for online distribution.

Pricing and Other Information

Video production is billed hourly. Our current hourly rate is $75/h.

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